Part two of Water Fluoridation – Drugging The Public. It is no secret to our Subscribed Readers, that we at Natural Pure Body Care would like to see the “True North, Strong and Fluoride Free”. In this article we bring awareness to ten sources of fluoride exposure, and we offer ten easily implemented measures to minimize your fluoride exposure. Read On!

Fluoride is a Biological Toxin

It is utter rubbish to assert (as fluoride proponents do) that a low level dose of a deadly toxin daily, from childhood onward will have no negative cumulative effects. Note in the chart below that fluoride is reported as, a little more toxic than lead and a little less than arsenic. Allowable limits for lead and arsenic exposure are set in the parts per billion, yet fluoride is allowed to be consumed in the parts per million! This defies logic! It is also well documented that fluoride bio-accumulates (builds up) in people, animals, soil, plants, and water.

Fluoride Toxicity Chart

“If this stuff

[silicofluoride] gets out into the air, it’s a pollutant; if it gets into the river, it’s a pollutant; if it gets into the lake, it’s a pollutant; but if it goes straight into your drinking water system, it’s not a pollutant. That’s amazing!”

Dr. William Hirzy, Former Senior Chemist U.S. EPA

Ten Common Sources of Fluoride Exposure

Water, Dental Products, Pesticides

There are multiple sources of fluoride exposure for people in addition to drinking water and dental products. People will receive high levels of fluoride from foods sprayed with pesticides because many pesticides are comprised in large part from fluoride compounds. Some examples include Cryolite, Trifluralin, Norflurazon and Acifluorfen. In addition, people who live in proximity to certain industries, which includes phosphate fertilizer plants, aluminum manufacturing plants, steel mills and nuclear weapons manufacturing facilities, will also be exposed to higher levels of fluoride due to industrial pollution.

Processed Foods and Non Organically Grown Foods are Higher in Fluoride

Processed foods are higher in fluoride. Non organic wine and grape juice are higher in fluoride because of high pesticide use by non-organic producers, plus the use of fluoridated water. Processed meats, (for example, chicken nuggets and sandwich meat) which come from mechanically deboned meat, are much higher in fluoride because fluoride accumulates in bone. The process of ‘mechanically deboning’ meat always includes a high percentage of ground up bones, hence high levels of fluoride.

Industry Specific Pollution

People also have exposure to airborne fluoride pollution from coal combustion plants, aluminum production plants, phosphate fertilizer plants, chemical production facilities, steel mills, magnesium plants, and manufacturers of brick and structural clay.
Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – Fluoride: Exposure and Relative Source Contribution Analysis – December 2010

People breathe in the airborne fluoride pollution produced by these industries and a secondary exposure occurs by the same pollution contaminating plants, water and soil and thereby food.

Five More Troubling Causes of Fluoride Over Exposure

More sources of fluoride exposure include Teflon cookware, pharmaceutical drugs, anesthetics, furniture and textile off gassing and industrial work place exposure.

In addition to this current situation of fluoride over exposure, the WHO (World Health Organization) is advocating that governments fluoridate salt and milk in areas where fluoridation of water is difficult or costly! This is an insult to humanity. If WHO and governments are so concerned with people’s dental health, then provide people with affordable dental care! It simply flies in the face of so much evidence that fluoride is not only toxic but also that neither ingestion nor topical use of fluoride is effective at reducing dental caries.

Fluoridation Postpones Cavities – Does Not Prevent Cavities

Dr. Albert Schatz, Ph.D (Microbiology) conducted research in the 1960’s which showed that water fluoridation does not prevent cavities, but only postpones them by approximately 1.2 years.
Source: Second Opinions UK – April 12, 2006
This happens because fluoride tends to delay tooth eruption. There can be no tooth decay in teeth that have yet to come in! So therefore, in a given age group fluoridated children may have fewer cavities only because they have newer or fewer teeth. It is apparent how proponents of water fluoridation were able to misrepresent the data in such a way to bolster their stance.

Fluoride in Pharmaceutical Drugs

“As noted by Müller et al. (2007), since 1957, over 150 fluorine-containing drugs have come to the marketplace and now make up about 20% of all pharmaceuticals.” For example, Lipitor, and Prozac.

Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – Fluoride: Exposure and Relative Source Contribution Analysis – December 2010

Ten Fluoride Exposure Points – Bullet Form

Drinking Water

Dental Products


Processed Foods